Here’s a quick primer on the NASCAR Clash at the Coliseum on the weekend of February 3-4. Due to the format, the most updated analysis, bets, DFS thoughts, etc., will be found in Discord. You can connect to our members only Discord on the bottom of Your Profile.

Track: LA Coliseum
Length: .25 Miles

Laps: 150
Stages: 75

Surface: Asphalt
Tire Wear: Low

  • 23 cars in the The Clash instead of 27.
  • No single car qualifying. 3 practice groups, 3 sessions. Fastest lap from final session determines the starting orders for the heat races.
  • One, 75 lap last chance qualifying race, instead of two, 50 lap races.
  • Final starting position given to highest finisher in 2023 standings who has not yet qualified.
  • Saturday is on FS1.
  • Sunday is on FOX.

Here’s an overview of both NASCAR Clash at the Coliseum races. This includes DraftKings scoring and True Performance Ranks for those races.

  • Look at the starting position column. These races have been volatile!
  • RCR! 2022; Reddick 5th TPR, led 51 laps. AD3 7th TPR, finishes 3rd. 2023; KFB 3rd TPR, finishes 3rd. AD3 6th TPR, finishes 2nd.
  • Those RCR teammates are the only 2 drivers to finish top 3 in both NASCAR Clash races at the Coliseum.
  • Kyle Busch has been awesome between two different teams. Just mentioned 2023, and he dominated most of 2022.
  • Toyota dead to start ’22, but back huge in 2023. TPR: Truex 1, Bubba 2, Hamlin 3, Reddick 9.
  • Kyle Larson is only other driver besides the RCR pair to finish top 5 in both races.
  • SHR is capable of bringing a race winning car to a track like this. Can it hold up this time?

After practice and the heat races are over, we will do our best to dissect what we saw, follow the speed and post our thoughts. That will be on Saturday night/early Sunday morning. On Sunday night, there is a quick turnaround between the LCQ and The Clash. Final thoughts will be tough as the last chance qualifier is on Sunday during dinner/kiddos bed time. I would imagine we could have a good grasp on DFS/Betting before the LCQ starts, but there’s typically at least one good DFS play starting further back. My best advice would be to make sure you’re in our members only Discord that weekend. That’s where our latest thoughts will be, and that’s where you’ll get to chop it up with our other community sharps.

I am not sure if Greg will be betting the Clash, but I am sure I’ll be running it back after crushing MTJ tickets last year. We also had Preece at some wild number like 60/1, so I know we were seeing the ball well. If either of us are betting anything worth sharing, you know you’ll be the first to hear it.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this. We are only 17 days away from NASCAR Clash Weekend!

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