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Early/Mid Week

Loop Data: Cup/Xfinity/Truck – Box Score, Average Running Position, Closers, Driver Rating, Fastest Drivers Early in a Run, Fastest Drivers Late in a Run, Fastest Laps Run, Fastest on Restarts, Green Flag Passes, Green Flag Speed, Laps in Top 15, Laps Led, Quality Passes, and Speed by Segment.

Pit Stop Data: Cup – 4 tire pit stop ranks vs the field, updated each week. This will exclude tracks where 2 tire stops are as common as 4 tire stops, and races where there are very few pit stops made and the sample size isn’t large enough. This page will include a list of each race and the percentage of 2 tire vs 4 tire pit stops.

True Performance Ranks: Cup/Xfinity/Truck – True Performance Ranks are the best way to know how a car and driver truly performed during a race. These ranks will give you an advantage over anyone chasing the box scores or only looking at Green Flag Speed. There are plenty of examples where a driver has a top-5 car and wrecks early, so their finish is not indicative of their True Performance. If a driver wrecks early, a lot of times their Green Flag Speed is listed near the top. What we know is that over the course of most races, tires wear, traffic changes, and their speed would have dwindled. True Performance Ranks have been tested for years and are proven to be effective. Does this mean youโ€™re going to beat everyone, every week? No. NASCAR is a volatile sport. What this does mean, is that when a race plays out closer to itโ€™s expected/projected outcome, you should be well ahead of your competition. These can be utilized for NASCAR DFS and Betting.

Pre-Practice/Qualifying Ranks: Cup/Xfinity/Truck – Pre-P/Q Ranks consist of a weighted value, utilizing some but not all of the following: True Performance Ranks, Equipment and Incident Adjusted Ratings at the Current Track, and Equipment and Incident Adjusted Ratings at Correlated Tracks.

Front Runners: Cup/Xfinity/Truck – An inside look at the drivers that have been leading laps, recording fast laps, and running top 10, 5, and 3, at the most at correlated track types for the current week.

Race Day Strategies: Xfinity/Truck – A comprehensive look at Daily Fantasy Strategy for the Xfinity and Truck Series. With often having limited time between practice/qualifying and the race in these series, it will be important to have a plan in how we want to build before the weekend hits. After P/Q, it would be important to be in Discord to discuss further DFS strategy.

Sim Center: Cup (Xfinity/Truck when able) – 10,000+ Race Simulations powered by Speed-Geeks. Featuring the odds from 4 Sportsbooks (more to come). 1,000+ bets (Winners, Props, Head to Heads, with more and more to come). Win %, Fair Value, Expected Value, Expert Commentary, and more. This will be updated throughout the week.

DFS Contest Selection: Cup/Xfinity/Truck – Enhanced look at the contests on DraftKings. This important tool splits the contests up by Mass Multiple Entry tournaments vs SE/3-Max games. It provides: The Contest Name, Entry Fee, Total Entries, Prize Pool, Min Cash Amount, % Paid Out, % Rake, % to First, and % to Double Up. Know the games you are entering and play smart!

Betting Card: Cup – Greg Matherne’s Cup Series Betting Card will be updated throughout the week. It is most important to join Discord, as he will @ the betting channel when bets are placed. Lines move fast!

After Practice/Qualifying

Practice Model: Cup (Xfinity/Truck when able) – All practice scoring is based on โ€œAdjusted Lapsโ€, which accounts for differences in speed between groups, changes in track speed within a group (if applicable) and average tire-wear throughout a run. In theory, this allows any lap to be compared directly against any other lap (I.E. lap 5 from a driver in group A against lap 12 from a driver in group B). Only up to speed laps are graded, and when applicable traffic laps or other slow outlier laps are excluded.

Sim Center Update: Cup (Xfinity/Truck when able) – Sim Center will be ran again when the books open back up. We will update our input scores with our final analysis after Practice and Qualifying, run the simulations again, and put them against the current odds.

DFS Projections: Cup (Xfinity/Truck when able) – Daily Fantasy projections including Median, Ceiling, Floor, Pt/$, and Ownership projections.

Racing Awareness: Cup – Quick overview of the current race. This includes DFS strategy, and creating a DFS core of drivers to use for cash and tournaments. This will also include Final Ranks which can be utilized for NASCAR DFS and Betting.

Betting Card Update: Cup – If Greg adds anything after practice and qualifying, this will be updated. Again, it is most important to join Discord, as he will @ the betting channel when bets are placed.

Race Day

Clean Air: Cup – NASCAR DFS specific. Finalized Ownership Projections, Cash Build, and Tournament Leverage.


Members Only Discord: It is always important to be in Discord. Beyond our experts, many sharp minds are always talking through DFS & Betting strategies. We have had much success tailing more than just our own thoughts! You can join Discord on Your Profile.