Ryan Stevens

CEO, creator of True Performance Ranks

Ryan has been playing NASCAR DFS for years, specializing in small field/high dollar tournaments, and cash games of every size. With numerous 5 figure wins and a steady cash game strategy, NASCAR DFS has been his main focus.

“I’ve been a fan of NASCAR since I was a kid, and my Grandfather introduced me to the sport. He was a Dale Earnhardt fan, and we would watch races in his, “den”. The first NASCAR Fantasy League I played in was with him, and we would have to mail our picks to his friend in Florida every week. We’ve come a long way since then!”

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Greg Matherne

Director, Sports Betting Content

Since 2021 when sports betting was legalized in Virginia, Greg has been using data driven analysis to handicap NASCAR and other sports. His focus is on the NASCAR Cup Series where he is up over 200 units since 2021.

“The sheer amount of information available to bettors today is a blessing and a curse. You can easily be led down the wrong path by cherrypicked or misunderstood data. My goal is to try and cut through the huge amount of data out there to find useful statistics to finding winning bets.”

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Joe Schroeder

Founder, Speed-Geeks Analytics Platform

Meet Joe, our resident NASCAR aficionado who discovered his passion for the sport during a unique encounter back in 2015. What began as a challenge to ‘give it a try’ during an interview for Draftkings quickly evolved into a full-fledged dedication to the world of motorsports.

Since that fateful introduction, Joe has meticulously honed his skills and expertise, culminating in the creation of the Speed Geeks Motorsports Analytics Platform. This innovative suite of DFS and betting tools has become Joe’s pride and joy, serving as the backbone for his impressive track record in the industry.

With multiple five-figure wins under his belt, as well as a remarkable six-figure takedown, Joe’s prowess as a multi-entry GPP player speaks volumes about his commitment to excellence. At WIN THE RACE, Joe’s primary focus will be on refining and enhancing our SimCenter betting tool and the innovative Practice Model, ensuring our users have access to cutting-edge insights and analysis for their betting endeavors.

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James Woods

Data Analyst and Strategist

Meet James, our passionate NASCAR enthusiast with a penchant for DFS success. Ever since the mid-90s, James has been immersed in the thrilling world of NASCAR, and his expertise shines through in every aspect of his work. What started as a casual interest blossomed into a dedicated pursuit after James experienced a remarkable 5-figure payday during the 2021 Daytona 500, solidifying his commitment to the sport. With a background in producing written content for the Truck and Xfinity series, James brings a wealth of experience to our team at WIN THE RACE. His focus on Contest Selection data, DFS analytics, and overall strategy ensures that our users receive the most comprehensive insights to optimize their NASCAR DFS experience. James’s dedication to his craft and his genuine love for NASCAR make him an invaluable asset to our team. Whether you’re a seasoned DFS player or just starting out, James is here to guide you towards victory with his expertise and enthusiasm.

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